Almond Biscuits and Cookies (53)

    Almonds are a common ingredient in biscuits and cookies as shown in this wide range of recipes that feature this popular little nut.

    Top Almond Biscuit and Cookie Recipes

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    Homemade almond brittle is the flavour base for these festive biscuits. Ideal for afternoon teas with hot chocolate.

    Recipe by: Schneeball

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    You need to leave the dough for these biscuits overnight. Serve with wine or your favourite ice cream. They are also great with coffee.

    Recipe by: Michele Flannery

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    Delicious gluten free cookies that even people who don't have a gluten problem gobble up. I can no longer tolerate almonds and eggs but am posting it for people who can. When I couldn't find any 100% rice bread I used to eat these for breakfast. Sorry no photo, I haven't eaten them for years. I can't actually remember how many the recipe made but think it was at least 10.

    Recipe by: mudlark

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    These Anzac biscuits have rolled oats, flour, brown sugar, coconut, almonds, butter, golden syrup and are baked to golden brown and crispy delicious.

    Recipe by: Kilda

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    Try these chocolate chip biscuits which use vegetable oil instead of butter and include almond and vanilla essences.

    Recipe by: Emily