Korma Curry

Korma curry is served in a thick creamy gravy and can be either mildly spiced or fiery depending on your preference. Experiment with some of these recipes.

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A great version of chicken korma this recipe can be prepared in less than an hour even though it uses fresh spices and herbs.

Recipe by: NAJWA ..

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This mild, delicately fragrant curry has a rich creamy sauce that sure to be a winner. Serve with plain boiled rice or warm naan bread.

Recipe by: Smars

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Chicken Korma is an Indian recipe that can be easily made at home. This version is a mild North Indian style and is usually served with pilau rice and naan.

Recipe by: ezsteve

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Korma is a lovely milk North Indian curry dish. The sauce is fragrant with onion, garlic, ginger and spices. Serve with rice.

Recipe by: Kira

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A delicious yoghurt-based Indian curry, spicy but not hot. Serve with naan bread or plain basmati rice, and a salad of sliced onions and tomatoes for a luxurious Indian meal.

Recipe by: Priyanka

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A hit with my family and an excellent beef curry. The spice mix doesn't take that long to mix up and it really makes the dish.

Recipe by: katypila

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This is an Indian vegetable curry with nuts, paneer cheese and an adjustable list of vegetables. It is in a tomato-cream sauce as opposed to the usual yoghurt based sauce. 'Navratan' means 'nine gems,' so choose nine of the vegetable, nuts, and paneer ingredients; you can leave out the elements you don't want to use, or add them all so it is 'ten gems' if you wish.

Recipe by: LUNACITY

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This is a great korma recipe you can make when you don't have time to put together something more elaborate.

Recipe by: teencherilyn

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This recipe is a simple yet tasty and flavoursome dish that can be created in a short period of time.

Recipe by: foodchannel

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A delicious chicken korma curry made with satar anise, cardamom pods and cloves. It's simmered in coconut milk with green chillies and tomatoes. Serve with rice.

Recipe by: BitsOfTaste

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