Gooseberries are probably best known in pies and crumbles, but there are also recipes for gooseberry jam or use them in a sauce for wildfowl like duck.

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    A beautiful pie to make with fresh gooseberries. This recipe uses prepared sheets of shortcrust pastry instead of making pastry from scratch.

    Recipe by: Carlotta

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    If you can get gooseberries or pick your own, try making this classic gooseberry jam. Liquid pectin is a vegan product, derived from apple pectin.

    Recipe by: SWIZZLESTICKS

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    This is a delightful cake that uses gooseberries and semolina to create a wonderful afternoon tea or picnic dessert.

    Recipe by: nch

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    This meringue pie has a number of steps but is worth the effort. First is the making of the base, then the gooseberry filling followed by a meringue top.

    Recipe by: sophie

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    This is a lovely layered cake with a simple basic cake on the bottom then a gooseberry layer with sour cream and vanilla pudding.

    Recipe by: friederike

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    The delicous duck is gently roasted for two hours then served with a rich gravy containing pureed gooseberries.

    Recipe by: Maria

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    If you're lucky enough to find tinned gooseberries you have to try this wonderful tart which is topped with meringue.

    Recipe by: backfee

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    Stock the pantry with these juicy jams to spread liberally on warm crusty bread or fresh, hot scones or croissants.

    Recipe by: Lynn Cole

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    This delicious gooseberry jam goes great on scones, biscuits, toast and anything you can imagine. Using only gooseberries, water and sugar, this jam is simple.

    Recipe by: The Walters

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    If you've got gooseberries around here's the recipe for you. This makes a lovely jam for toast or croissants or also try it with roast lamb or pork.

    Recipe by: yummers

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