Doughnuts are a great deep fried sweet treat with many recipe variations now around including doughnut holes, doughnut balls and even baked versions.

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The original doughnut! This is a Dutch recipe that is served on New Year's Eve. This recipe was handed down to me by my mother.

Recipe by: rita

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I love hot cinnamon doughnuts, but don't like or have all the oil to make the recipes. This version uses an air fryer. By using less oil, I can use tastier oil, thus my choice is butter.

Recipe by: MumAndMe

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It's easy to make your own deep fried doughnuts! These small balls of batter are deep fried then rolled in sugar. Uses dry yeast, water, sugar, milk and margarine.

Recipe by: Susan

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Not sure if this is a recipe or not but I love it! Basically you take and unhealthy doughnut and make it more unhealthy :) Great as a quick dessert.

Recipe by: homeboy

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This is a traditional Jewish holiday recipe called sufganiyot, normally served during the Hanukkah season. These are really great when stuffed with jam.

Recipe by: Mel Levy

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A lovely batter is made with creme fraiche which adds extra flavour and moisture. The balls are quickly fried until golden and then covered in caster sugar. A touch of cinnamon can be added.

Recipe by: lirum_larum_löffelstiel

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You might find these at cafes but they're not that hard to make at home. Very simple and satisfying.

Recipe by: PREGOCOOK

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The churro is the Mexican version of a donut. Water, butter, flour and eggs are mixed to form a dough, rolled into tubes, fried in oil then coated in sugar and cinnamon.

Recipe by: dbremner

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Next time you have leftover or day old white bread, try this recipe which is just like jam doughnuts. Bread is dipped in egg batter and fried.

Recipe by: anmlnrs

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These are a light and fluffy yeast doughnut that are initially prepared in a bread machine so taking most of the hard work away. I like mine served warm with cinnamon sugar.

Recipe by: rachel :D

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