Chocolate Chip Biscuits

    Choc chip biscuits are a family favourite recipe that goes back generations, but if you are looking for something new there are lots of recipes to choose from.

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    These chocolate chip biscuits are gluten free as well as being vegan, thus egg and dairy free, perfect for all your friends.

    Recipe by: elanaspantry

    3 reviews

    A delicious way to eat pumpkin and a family favourite.

    Recipe by: Diane

    263 reviews

    These choc chip biscuits are delicious and perfect for those who prefer a crispier texture to their biscuit. They also contain oats and coconut.

    Recipe by: S. Hynek

    4 reviews

    My girlfriend and I over the past year have made a wide selection of biscuits. We have tried and tested a whole range of recipes, and this combination of ingredients I adapted and made is by far the best!!!! Definitely for a sweet tooth!!

    Recipe by: JIMMI11

    354 reviews

    This quick, easy and tasty chocolate chip biscuit recipe makes plenty of biscuits to share with friends, unless you eat them all first!

    Recipe by: Ashley Stay

    223 reviews

    Luscious chocolate biscuits with chocolate chips! They tend to work better if you make bigger biscuits.

    Recipe by: ORBAMINK

    130 reviews

    These chocolate chip biscuits are a low fat version for those of us who can't live without biscuits. This recipe makes one dozen -- if I make any more than that I end up eating too many!

    Recipe by: janetk

    208 reviews

    Brown sugar is the secret that makes these biscuits soft and chewy. If you prefer an even softer biscuit, let the dough sit a while at room temperature to 'set up.'

    Recipe by: alison12

    30 reviews

    These biscuits are a nice change of pace from the usual chocolate chip biscuit. They have extra sweetness from the ripe banana and milk chocolate chips.

    Recipe by: Kim

    9 reviews

    These are simple chocolate chip biscuits that I love to make at home. I love to eat them dipped into milk with the kids.

    Recipe by: leah34f

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