Chocolate Chip Biscuits (105)

Choc chip biscuits are a family favourite recipe that goes back generations, but if you are looking for something new there are lots of recipes to choose from.

Top Chocolate Chip Biscuit Recipes

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If you like your chocolate chip biscuits nice and thick, soft and chewy, than this is the recipe for you. These biscuits are irresistible!

Recipe by: Beth Sigworth

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Delicious biscuits with macadamia nuts and chocolate chips!

Recipe by: Bev

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These biscuits have lots of hidden goodness and taste great too. These biscuits will stay soft and moist because of the zucchini.

Recipe by: MARBALET

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Chocolate, Chocolate and more chocolate in a cookie. Lovely soft biscuits.

Recipe by: uberho

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These choc chip biscuits are delicious and perfect for those who prefer a crispier texture to their biscuit. They also contain oats and coconut.

Recipe by: S. Hynek

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