Cumquats are native to the Asian areas and are like a small orange. They have a wide range of uses but recipes normally focus around cumquat jams and preserves.

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    More so a marmalade, as you have those lovely, sticky rind pieces that fold themselves across your hot buttered toast. It takes time to slice the cumquats as they're small, ensure you have a few spare hours! You don't want the seeds in the jam, so using a food processor is a no-no. The extra seeds will be used to help set the jam, in a separate bag.

    Recipe by: lolli_d

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    Cumquats are entirely edible when ripe, rind and all. This is a delicious compote that makes a special addition to pancakes, french toast, trifles, or even topped on ice cream.

    Recipe by: Patty Hern

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    Kumquats are a beautiful fruit and combined with a few oranges and bit of sugar it makes a great jam, ideal for toast, scones or pancakes.

    Recipe by: SWIZZLESTICKS

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    A decadent way to use those intriguing cumquats. Delicious with icecream, chocolate cake or just as they are. Great to give as gifts.

    Recipe by: Scrabblenut

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    The sweet-sour kumquats form a lovely contrast with tuna steaks in this aromatic dish. Serve with couscous.

    Recipe by: MOTTS

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    Cumquats have a unique taste. Their sweet and sour flavour makes them one of Australia's favourite citruses. To mix cumquats with brandy is truly a fascinating experience. Dip the boozy cumquats in melted chocolate, bury them in ice cream or put them in a cake and you will discover a decadent taste you will never forget. Plus, the cumquat-brandy liqueur is heavenly. It also makes for a great gift when poured in a small, intricate bottle.

    Recipe by: samwins

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    This is an alternative to cranberry sauce that goes really well with turkey or chicken. Also nice as a dessert.

    Recipe by: Julia

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    A pleasingly light yet traditional pudding for wintry days, this offers all the pleasure of a steamed pudding without the unhealthy saturated fat of suet. Layers of sliced cumquats add a deliciously tangy citrus flavour.

    Recipe by: Ariana Klepac

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    The indigenous flavours of the bush – succulent kangaroo and native peppercorns – are combined with garlic, thyme and rosemary, then bathed in a reduction of port and stock.

    Recipe by: Pat Alburey

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    This is my favourite salad which combines kumquats and pears with cucumber and watercress. It's definitely different!

    Recipe by: Barrett

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