Egg Salad (30)

    A good egg salad can be either a meal on its own or a filling in a delicious sandwich or canape. Check out these variations!

    Top Egg Salad Recipes

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    A delicious twist on egg salad as it is loaded with red onion, tomato and celery. It's mixed with mayonnaise and mild American mustard. Enjoy alone or in a sammy.

    Recipe by: GourmetGirl

    53 reviews

    Hard boiled eggs, crispy fried rashers of bacon and diced onion served over a bed of fresh spinach. Served with a homemade lemon garlic dressing.

    Recipe by: Dee J

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    What is potato salad without eggs? This is a great recipe that embraces everything potato salad and egg.

    Recipe by: Ashleyne30

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    Handfuls of fresh basil, parsley and chives are combined with hard-boiled eggs to create this homey salad dressing served over a cos lettuce and tomato salad.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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    Bacon and egg is one of my favourite combinations so why not take it to a salad? This is a simple salad that goes well with everything but especially a BBQ.

    Recipe by: Keri

    Egg Salad Videos

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    How to Make Salad Nicoise

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