Self Saucing Pudding

    Self saucing puddings are an all-in-one dessert that comes with the fluffy pudding but also with a rich sauce like chocolate or golden syrup.

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    This is a self saucing pudding that my family loves and I have adapted to spelt flour. Goes beautifully with ice cream or cream.

    Recipe by: AUSSIEMUM59

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    Here's a great pudding with a cakelike texture that makes its own sauce while you bake it. Serve with any flavour ice cream, but vanilla is particularly good.

    Recipe by: Glenda

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    A simple but tasty dessert recipe I remember my Grandma making a version of this lemon pudding when I was little. Serve with fresh fruit, cream and/or ice cream.

    Recipe by: GourmetGirl

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    A smashing recipe for using gorgeous Dulce de Leche, these wee cakes make lovely, simple and sweet tea cakes.

    Recipe by: Gi_BR

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    A delightfully rich chocolate jaffa pudding which is gluten free, but not guilt free! Serve on it's own or with vanilla ice-cream. Ideal for entertaining!

    Recipe by: Shell_Out

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