Blackberry Jam

If you have surplus tasty blackberries than making a jam with them is a great option. There are many recipes that are perfect for a first time jam maker to seasoned veteran.

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This is the easiest jam ever. I picked some blackberries off the neighbours fence and voila, free jam. All I add was sugar and balsamic vinegar. It only took 20 minutes.

Recipe by: JuliettevanSon

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This is a simple blackberry jam recipe using only four ingredients. When finished it is great on muffins and crumpets.

Recipe by: cookingismylife

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This is a wonderful jam and it has a great country taste due to the inclusion of the cinnamon and nutmeg, add these to your personal preference.

Recipe by: RoBBoB

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A delicious light and fruity blackberry jam cake with cream cheese icing. Great for a summer dessert with ice cream, or with coffee.

Recipe by: Glenda

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This jam recipe doesn't require processing the jam in a hot water bath so it won't last quite as long as normal jam.

Recipe by: mrsnorris

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This a chunky blackberry jam that requires no pectin. Store in the refrigerator. Goes great on toast, in cakes and with crumpets.

Recipe by: sweettooth

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A delicious way to take advantage to the bumper crop of wild blackberries this year. Blackberries on their own can be a little flat when made into jam. Adding some elderflower cordial gives it a lovely zing. I made mine using blackberries from my garden and elderflower cordial I had made earlier this summer.

Recipe by: Daniellejfortier

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I haven't done much preserving before but I found these plastic preserving tops that were super easy to use, and worked great with this simple yet delicious recipe.

Recipe by: MumAndMe

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If you've never cooked a jam cake before, try this one first! It's easy to make and delicious, especially when iced with cream cheese icing.

Recipe by: Jo Ann Herrington

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This jam recipe takes the exact amount of juice that is extracted from the fruit to calculate the required sugar to create this beautiful jam.

Recipe by: martin_pain

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