Asparagus Soup

    Asparagus is a strong yet delicate flavoured vegetable that makes a delightful and healthy soup.

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    I have always been a fan of the ubiquitous potato and leek soup. I thought I would try expanding on that idea a little, and adding in some greens. This soup is just delicious. When I think about grilling asparagus, I always serve it with a generous squeeze of lemon juice. Why should this soup be any different? I started making this soup without all the lemon, and found that it just didn’t have that extra pop. The lemon juice turned this soup from “so-so” to sublime.

    Recipe by: theblendergirl

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    Asparagus is an impressive source of folate. It also provides vitamin C, as well as some beta-carotene and alpha-carotene.

    Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

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    This green version of classic vichyssoise is enriched with yoghurt rather than cream. Traditionally served chilled, the soup can also be served hot, so it is ideal for days when the weather is changeable.

    Recipe by: Elaine Russell

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    This is a delightfully light and velvety smooth soup which is very quick to make in a pressure cooker. Eat with fresh crusty bread.

    Recipe by: stella

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    This a great velvety asparagus soup made in the microwave.It has a a lovely green colour and is great with crunchy rolls.

    Recipe by: Pyromommy

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    As a change from leek and potato soup try leek and asparagus soup. There's nothing like it on a cold day in my opinion.

    Recipe by: rbdemedeiros

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    In asparagus season this soup is perfection. So simple, just simmered and then blended. Delicious and full of vitamins.

    Recipe by: AnneFrancoise

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    Asparagus is first grilled then pureed to make this lovely soup. It's just perfect when asparagus comes into season.

    Recipe by: mumofsix

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    Asparagus, fresh mint leaves and lemon zest are pureed into a very colourful and very tasty soup. Top with asparagus tips and chopped hard-boiled egg.

    Recipe by:

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    For classic German white asparagus soup, you first cook the asparagus in water, and then make a light-coloured roux to which the asparagus cooking liquid is added. To thicken, an egg yolk is added at the end.

    Recipe by: Corinna

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