Chocolate Balls

    These chocolate balls of delight are a great sweet treat at any time of the day. Try chocolate coconut balls, chocolate marshmallow snowballs, and chocolate fruit balls.

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    So simple to make and a taste to die for.

    Recipe by: shazzieau

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    This recipe is an amazing chocolate treat ideal for special occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Mothers Day.

    Recipe by: anchel79

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    Don't roll too big or they are quite hard to chew in one go. You could use any of your fav. chocolate bars in the middle. The number you get from each batch depends on how big you roll them.

    Recipe by: rubysmum

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    Delicious balls made with mint slice biscuits, condensed milk and green coloured coconut. Quick and easy.

    Recipe by: shazzieau

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    Who can resist chocolate rum balls at Christmas? This recipe makes a large batch, so it's perfect for a family gathering or as food gifts. They are best prepared a few days ahead.

    Recipe by: FARMLIFE

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    These home made coconut balls that are like Cadbury bounty bars, and they are super easy with only 3 ingredients.

    Recipe by: shazzieau

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    There is a little bit of waiting but they are definitely worth the effort with a crisp outside and a soft chocolate inside.

    Recipe by: Rosina

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    These are very easy chocolate balls made from chocolate chips, vanilla wafers, pecans and rum. Keep chilled.

    Recipe by: sal

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    Love your Tim Tams? You will love these decadent dark chocolate and coconut balls. And for a bit of a change, try the red velvet.

    Recipe by: shazzieau

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    This is a pleasant change from the usual cheese ball that contains chocolate chips and is rolled in pecans. Serve with biscuits or chocolate wafers.

    Recipe by: Kim

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