Tapenade is a popular tapas or appetiser that is made from blended olives. It can be served as a dip, as part of a larger dish or in a cracker sandwich.

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A great rustic Italian pasta dish which is just the thing when you are in the mood for some veggies. This has asparagus, capsicum, mushrooms and tomato.

Recipe by: Bob McD

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A very robust tapenade with the assertive flavours of anchovies, capers and kalamata olives. Serve as an antipasto with pita bread triangles for dipping.

Recipe by: Jim Clark

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This is a lovely tapenade based on chopped dried figs and black olives. You can add a little more balsamic if you like it tangy.

Recipe by: Anne

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This is a fresh and tasty olive tapenade without anchovies. Serve with other dips and your favourite crackers or bread.

Recipe by: TERESITA79

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This is a powerful olive, tuna and caper spread or dip that goes well with crackers or toasted bread rounds. Adjust the quantities to taste.

Recipe by: Jerry

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This olive dip omits the anchovies traditional for a tapenade. Use slices of baguette or fresh vegetables for the dipping. It is also a good topping for steak.

Recipe by: Deb S.

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A tasty dip made from tomatoes, spring onions, olive oil, vinegar, green chillies and olives. Seasoned with tarragon and garlic salt. Goes great with corn chips.

Recipe by: DEBOKC

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Tapanade is a great dip or platter component, this one uses anchovies as an additional flavour. Make sure you soak them as required otherwise the result becomes quite unpalatable.

Recipe by: ryanm

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These delicious tarts look and taste fantastic, despite the fact they require very little time or effort.

Recipe by: MegaCook

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It took me a long time to getting around to making a tapenade but I quite like this easy version. I think the big trick is picking olives that you like to eat - I always use Kalamata olives.

Recipe by: ApplePie

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