Chocolate Brownies (62)

    Whether a chocolate brownie is a cake or a slice, either way they taste great! Try chocolate fudge brownies, chocolate brownies in the microwave or chocolate and macadamia brownies!

    Top Chocolate Brownie Recipes

    106 reviews

    Delicious fudgy brownies made in a snap, with almost no cleaning up! Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Microwave Brownies Video.

    Recipe by: kcm

    1788 reviews

    These are squidgy chocolate brownie-like cookies, combining the best of both worlds! They also happen to be dairy free.

    Recipe by: Ingrid

    43 reviews

    This is truly the best ever chocolate brownie recipe I have ever tasted. It is simple but creates a great result.

    Recipe by: nikki

    22 reviews

    A very quick chocolate fix that is easy to make and completely delicious. A great base recipe you can customise.

    Recipe by: chorazy

    548 reviews

    Wow! Melt-in-your-mouth brownies that are easy and delicious. Chocolate brownies marbled with cheesecake make fabulous squares! This is by far my most requested recipe.

    Recipe by: DEE4156

    Chocolate Brownies Videos

    • How to Make Brownies in the Microwave
      How to Make Brownies in the Microwave
    • The Best Chocolate Brownie Cookies
      The Best Chocolate Brownie Cookies

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