Harissa is a wonderful Moroccan spice rub that is great on meats or in a vegetable tagine or stew. If you are looking for a new flavour this could be for you.

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This recipe is dedicated to my good friend Ingerid who made the Harissa Sauce. Minimum marinating time is 2 hours; overnight is preferred. It is best to use fresh herbs. Dried herbs in the quantities indicated can be used as a substitute. Rubbing them between the palms of your hands helps to release the oils during marinating and cooking, thereby enhancing the flavour and aroma.

Recipe by: fairfieldstation

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This Moroccan rub is especially good with lamb but is also great with chicken and vegetarian dishes. I also use this in guacamole and casserole bases to give an extra zing.

Recipe by: NORMM1

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This is called Middle Eastern broad bean stew and not Moroccan, because I have also borrowed flavours from my Lebanese roots. The first time my carnivorous partner tried it, he honestly thought it contained meat. To make this dish completely vegetarian/vegan, omit the anchovies. Serve with steamed basmati rice or couscous.

Recipe by: XjacyX

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One of the main condiments of Northern African cuisine, harissa is a fiery blend of chillies and spices which is ideal in stews, as a dip, on sandwiches - anywhere you need a little heat! Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Harissa Paste video .

Recipe by: Brandon

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This is also a great use for leftover chicken - harissa, yoghurt and a little bit of mint make a scrumptious sandwich filling.

Recipe by: Diana

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Delicious salmon is complemented by fiery harissa and smoky paprika in a mayonnaise base. Delicious!

Recipe by: Cazuela

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An easy sauce made with harissa spice mix, tomato paste, lemon juice and herbs. Goes well with any meat or couscous dish.

Recipe by: Herbie's Spices

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Although traditionally made into a harissa paste to serve beside food, the harissa dry mix has been used as a rub in this grilled recipe. Lots of flavour and a nice bite of heat!

Recipe by: Herbie's Spices

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Yoghurt makes a great marinade that really makes chicken tender. Here drumsticks are made a touch spicy with some harissa paste (which you can buy in most supermarkets).

Recipe by: lucky

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I love this lamb and fennel stew! I serve it with couscous as well as the yoghurt-harissa mixture. Delicious.

Recipe by: Yolli

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