Marinated Chicken Wings

    Marinated chicken wings are a finger food no one seems able to resist. Try some of the recipes below for inventive ideas.

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    Easy to make and delicious to eat. We had these at my son's birthday and everyone loved them!

    Recipe by: rachelmac123

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    This recipe should be suitable for 4 people for nibbles, but is easy to adjust the recipe size. Very quick and easy to prepare. Allow 5 minutes to prepare, 10 minutes to cook and 1 hour for marinade. Easy to prepare before guests arrive then place in oven, once ready, for some tasty nibbles.

    Recipe by: Emily08

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    Make sure to provide plenty of serviettes with these deliciously sticky chicken wings because using your fingers is a must.

    Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

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    You'll love the Asian flair to these chicken wings. They are marinated in five spice powder, soy sauce, fish sauce and sweet chilli sauce.

    Recipe by: LIKEN74

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    On a recent trip to Bali, my Balinese stepmother let me help her prepare chicken - and I furiously committed her 'non-recipe' to memory to bring home. She has a big mortar and pestle for this kind of thing; I don't, so I end up using both sides of my meat mallet; you just want to get the ingredients well combined and at least somewhat reduced in mass. And since they're baked, not deep-fried, they're a (relatively) healthy pile of wings! I particularly like them with roasted sweet potatoes.

    Recipe by: CHEYENNIGANS

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    These are easy and tasty chicken wings marinated in garlic and lemon. This recipe has them cooked under the oven grill but they work equally well, if not better, on the barbecue.

    Recipe by: Brigitte

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    This is similar to 'Jar Doo Chicken Wings' which is my favourite item on a Chinese Buffet. If you love soy chicken wings, you'll absolutely love these!!!

    Recipe by: Tina Spencer

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    We like this delicious and easy marinade for chicken wings which has white wine, tarragon and mustard for a flavourful dinner.

    Recipe by: Cathie

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    Replace the Coke with orange juice, and you will get delicious orange-flavoured chicken wings. You don't need to add too much sugar, as the Coke itself is very sweet

    Recipe by: Jiaoyin

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    Chicken wings are marinated, fried, simmered then coated in teriyaki sauce to create the ideal finger licking finger food.

    Recipe by: tonytsang

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