Chicken Fried Rice (24)

    Chicken fried rice is a remarkably versatile dish, good for a simple dinner or a lavish party presentation. See our recipe collection below for ideas.

    Top Chicken Fried Rice Recipes

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    Cooking the brown rice in chicken stock creates a great flavour. Cook the rice the day before so it can completely cool overnight. Using a big wok with high heat to create an authentic fried rice flavour that you find in Chinese restaurants.

    Recipe by: frida

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    A great way to use up leftover cooked chicken this fried rice has few ingredients and is quick to make. I love the pieces of egg in it.

    Recipe by: LISA TOURVILLE

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    Fried rice is a great quick lunch when you are using up leftovers. Mushrooms and spring onions add flavour and colour.

    Recipe by: APRIL42578

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    This fried rice is like Nasi Goreng, Indonesian fried rice. This dish can be enjoyed by itself or as the basis of a larger meal. It is very easy to make.

    Recipe by: frida

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    The classic 'a bit of everything' fried rice, with prawns, ham, chicken and vegetables. A great use for leftover rice as well.

    Recipe by: LMFB64

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