Lamb Mince (28)

Use lamb mince to make yummy lamb burgers, meatballs or rissoles, in shepherd's pie, in stuffed zucchini or in kofta.

Top Lamb Mince Recipes

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If you have never prepared lamb burgers, I highly recommend you try this recipe. Serve on hamburger buns with lettuce, tomato and red onion.

Recipe by: Jo

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Gorgeously spiced with cumin, chilli and more, these lamb crépinettes are full of flavour. A crépinette is a type of flattened sausage, wrapped in caul fat, similar to faggots. You can find caul fat at a specialty butcher. Watch this recipe being made on Allrecipes Lamb Crepinettes Video.

Recipe by: Brandon

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Lamb kofta meatballs flavoured with cumin, cinnamon and pepper and partnered with a garlicky cucumber sauce.

Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

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These are great served with plain yoghurt with some mint and cumin stirred into it. Add rice or couscous and a green salad and you have a tasty, easy barbecue dinner.


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This is a quick Indian curry which makes excellent use of versatile minced lamb. It's full of flavour.

Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

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