Zucchini Quiche

More and more people are realising what a delicious and healthy vegetable the zucchini is, and that in quiche is an ideal way to serve it.

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This savoury egg bake is filled with zucchini, Cheddar, onion, grated carrot and dill. It makes a lovely starter or can be served as a main course.

Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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This yummy zucchini and egg pie makes a choice breakfast, lunch or tea. Baked in the oven with zucchini, onion, bacon, Tasty cheese, eggs and flour.

Recipe by: kmy

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This is a whole meal in one pan - lots of flavour and easy to make! Its great served hot or cold and can be a good lunch box idea. This is a base recipe that you can add what ever is in your fridge to customise this to your liking or simply to use up extras. Scrummy.

Recipe by: tracer2

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This is a creamy and cheesy quiche with mozzarella and ricotta. The zucchini is sautéed before being added the quiche and baked in the oven.

Recipe by: vickie

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This is a versatile pastry-free quiche that works well with different vegetables and cheeses. Keep the potato as a constant, but try grated carrots or thinly sliced leeks in place of zucchini. Replace the emmentaler with gouda or cheddar cheese.

Recipe by: Lynn Lewis and Joachim Wahnschaffe

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I love this recipe! There are heaps of vegetables like zucchini, mushrooms and capsicum, and then there is the cream cheese and cheddar.

Recipe by: PEGAREE

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A tasty bacon and zucchini quiche without a pastry base. Chock full of grated zucchini, cheese and bacon then topped with fresh sliced tomatoes. Baked until set.

Recipe by: Dotty1

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This simple savoury zucchini quiche is cooked in a square tray and cut into squares but it could just as easily be done in the traditional round dish.

Recipe by: cookingismylife

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This is a quick and easy quiche that is very tasty.

Recipe by: KTPIANO

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There is something about quiche that just makes a great versatile meal, eat alone, with vegetables, with salad the options are endless as are the quiche combinations themself, this one is with feta and zucchini.

Recipe by: Lena

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