Chicken Rice

From the popular Chinese chicken rice recipe to many variations on the theme there are recipes for chicken rice with almonds, chicken rice soup and porridge.

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A traditional and tasty Hainanese dish, the rice is fragrant, the sauce tasty and chicken is tender. A popular dish in Singapore.

Recipe by: michdanz

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This Hainanese chicken rice is very popular in Singapore and can be found at every hawker centre. Serve with garlic chilli sauce and black soy sauce.

Recipe by: Pat

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A great one pot dish from China, easy to make but full of assertive flavours from Chinese sausage and shiitake mushrooms.

Recipe by: Hann

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A Mediterranean style chicken and rice dish. The chicken is first boiled with vegetables and cinnamon, simmered with the rice and served with almonds and pine nuts.

Recipe by: ROSE90

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This is a popular dish in Singapore and Malaysia, chicken is boiled before being served on a specially prepared rice with homemade dipping sauces.

Recipe by: Suhara

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I created this recipe when I had pineapple, cabbage, capsicum and chicken leftover from the previous day's Asian rice dish.

Recipe by: Krenzlich

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This is a Cuban signature dish that adorns tables at every birthday, quince or Cuban party. A more mild than wild comfort food that is easy on the budget but big on taste. This is the boneless chicken version that is perfect for parties.

Recipe by: Cubanita

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This is a delicious Singaporean chicken rice which uses Chinese sausages, which you can buy at Asian markets.

Recipe by: Dell

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Chicken and rice are flavoured with traditional Caribbean flavours like lime juice, celery, tomato and garlic in this easy meal.

Recipe by: kate

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Japanese chicken rice is a rice bowl meal also known as donburi. It's not hard to make and makes for a very filling lunch for one.

Recipe by: Robert2

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