Chilli Crab

    Looking for a new and tasty ways to cook crab? Chilli crab is a popular Asian recipe for cooking a delicious crab dinner.

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    This is a wonderful chilli crab dish that is loved in and out of Southeast Asia. The crab is stir fried in a rich sauce including chilli, garlic and ginger.

    Recipe by: Suhara

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    A long time family favourite. This recipe was handed down to me by my mother in law. There are several versions of Chilli crab recipes in Asia. This Malaysian version is sweet and savoury and the egg adds a beautiful texture. I have this for lunch or dinner and served with steamed rice and friends have been requesting for this recipe ever since.

    Recipe by: zainiamin

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    Yummy shredded crab meat mixed with eggs, spring onion, garlic, red chilli and breadcrumbs, made into cakes, fried in hot oil then drizzled with sweet chilli sauce.

    Recipe by: Kelly

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    Moderately spiced crab meat rolled into spring rolls, pan ‘deep fried’ and dipped into a tangy dipping sauce

    Recipe by: CHEFSANTA

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    Smallish crabs such as blue swimmers are good for this but you can use any fresh crabs you find at the market. The coconut milk and curry powder give this chilli crab an Indian feel.

    Recipe by: yuan8808

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    Authentic Chinese chilli crab is very quick to make once the crabs are cleaned. Serve with rice and other side dishes as a Chinese feast.

    Recipe by: 好吃嘴儿

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    Crab is briefly marinated in rice wine, stir fried and then tossed with a crisp spicy breadcrumb and tempeh mixture. Serve with white rice.

    Recipe by: Amanda的小厨房

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    This is a very spicy chilli crab salad with fresh onion, garlic, ginger and flavourings. It's intense so serve it with rice and other side dishes.

    Recipe by: 景淑

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    After a good crabbing trip we loved to make this fast, easy and spicy crab dish that is flavoured with ginger, garlic, fresh chillies and Sichuan peppercorns.

    Recipe by: Bing

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    Fresh chilli, chives and coriander add zing to this lovely crab meat omelette. It's large enough to make a light lunch for 4.

    Recipe by: GraçaRibeiro

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