Basic Biscuits (25)

Once you have a few basic biscuit dough recipes down the possibilities are endless! Make the dough then flavour as you wish!

Top Basic Biscuit Recipes

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A delicious gingersnap biscuit that uses molasses or treacle to give it a rich and dark flavour. It is spiced with ground ginger, cinnamon and a hint of salt.

Recipe by: RuthAnn

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This is a simple, easy, basic biscuit recipe, but you can add a variety of ingredients to change the type of biscuit. Anywhere from sweet to savoury.

Recipe by: DaYuehan

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This is a fabulously economical cookie recipe - its variations are only limited by your imagination. I have included some variation suggestions for this recipe - including a freezer variation in the notes.

Recipe by: magnet0

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This will fill your cookie jar, with a different variety of biscuits in one easy recipe.

Recipe by: lizzey

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This mixture is kept in the fridge. It makes 8 cups, and I use it in 2 cupful lots to make different flavoured biscuits as required. 2 cups makes 24 biscuits.

Recipe by: Clarefisher

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