Microwaved Cakes

    Cakes are no longer a time consuming oven baking exercise; there are many cake recipes that can be ‘baked’ quickly and easily in your microwave.

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    A wonderful chocolate cake recipe made in the microwave for ease and convenience. Eat hot with a scoop of ice cream!

    Recipe by: DAISEEP

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    Microwaves can actually turn out pretty great cakes! This is a snap to prepare as it uses cake mix and instant pudding. You will need a microwave safe plastic cake tin.

    Recipe by: JOEBON

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    This is an amazing, rich, molten little brownie cake. You can make it with things you have in your cupboard and clean-up is reduced to a minimum.

    Recipe by: AllThingsSweet

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    A microwave cake version of Gingerbread

    Recipe by: Ann

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    If you don't enjoy cold cake, well why don't you bring it back to life [ prep ] 5 seconds [ cooking time ] 10 seconds

    Recipe by: tashiemash

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    A great healthy snack with just four ingredients - tofu, bananas, chocolate chips and pancake mix. Ready in minutes!

    Recipe by: sdkc

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