Macadamia Nut

    We all know macadamia nuts are great in chocolate chip biscuits, but what about a macadamia crust for seared tuna?

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    You can't get much better than this! Seared and roasted macadamia-crusted barramundi with a tangy tropical sauce. It's heaven!

    Recipe by: deanna

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    Perfect with coffee these biscuits bring together the great biscuit trio of chocolate, nuts and coconut in a rich dough.

    Recipe by: Karena

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    We love chocolate chip biscuits at our house and these are especially good!! I use a 2cm scoop to form the biscuits.

    Recipe by: BONNIE Q.

    1 review

    It's chocolatey and nutty, moist and morish!

    Recipe by: Sharn

    1 review

    This fabulously good Chicken and Macadamia Flan is great served hot or cold.

    Recipe by: TRUSTY754

    4 reviews

    This salad looks and tastes impressive, but is so quick and easy to make

    Recipe by: WendyB

    6 reviews

    Rich and moist dark chocolate brownies that are ideal for Valentine's Day or any other special occasion...or for a night in front of the telly with the girls. For Valentine's Day you can use a biscuit cutter to make an arrangement of heart-shaped brownies to share with your sweet-toothed loved one.

    Recipe by: Kitty

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    Try this variation on the Aussie classic by adding toasted macadamias.

    Recipe by: Vanessa Pike-Russell

    23 reviews

    The biscuits combine macadamia nuts, raspberry jam and white chocolate to create something simple but tasty. These are great and freeze well.

    Recipe by: Barbara Sepples

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    These biscuits are simply irresistible eaten while still warm, when the chocolate chunks are soft and melting. Macadamia nuts add a crunchy texture, but can be omitted if you prefer. Like the chocolate, the nuts should be in large pieces.

    Recipe by: Ariana Klepac

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