Chocolate Truffles

    Make chocolate truffles as fancy or as plain as you like, with white chocolate or dark and with different flavourings. Simple balls of chocolate delight.

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    These are a French style of truffle which is predominantly a chocolate ganache dusted with cocoa powder. Simply delicious, for greatest enjoyment eat cold.

    Recipe by: sal_here

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    Truffles are the easiest sweets to make - the only cooking is melting chocolate, and they keep for a few weeks in the fridge.

    Recipe by: thehedonista

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    This has to be the simplest chocolate truffle recipe there is. This would be a fun project for cooking with kids.

    Recipe by: LMorton

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    These chocolate and coffee truffles make the perfect sweet treat to have with coffee after a formal meal; having said that I eat them pretty much at anytime anywhere.

    Recipe by: Lilo

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    These chocolate truffles couldn't be any simpler. Oreos are crushed then mixed with cream cheese before being dipped in chocolate; yep, three ingredients and you're done.

    Recipe by: Nicola

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    This decadent treat is a great way to use up left over cake. I like to make large batches and give away as gifts.

    Recipe by: joni_mac

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    It's easy to make your own truffles, and they will be a favourite with any chocolate fan! They also make great gifts for Christmas or Valentine's Day.

    Recipe by: Naschkatze

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    Lovely truffles made with chocolate and chocolate cake crumbs, as well as rum, for a truly decadent sweet or special present.

    Recipe by: Michelle Chen

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    These white chocolate truffles are easy to make and taste great, I like the coconut rum and have been known to add a bit extra.

    Recipe by: PetraStange

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    This extremely sweet and chocolately treat is made like a ganache. They make a great Valentine's day gift.

    Recipe by: q043x

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