Easy Pasta

    Pasta is a quick and easy meal option as a side, salad, light dinner or main. These easy pasta recipes are prepared, ready and on the table within an hour.

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    A simple and classy pumpkin pasta that is on the plate in 40 minutes or less. Try it and see how good it is!

    Recipe by: Magdalena

    160 reviews

    This is a very quick and easy lunch or dinner to throw together, and very tasty! A great use for leftover chicken.

    Recipe by: Beamish

    2 reviews

    This is the one staple sauce we keep in our freezer that our whole family enjoys. It's rich and filling and the peas add a little pop of flavour while you're chewing.

    Recipe by: TastyFood

    28 reviews

    This is a very simple Bolognese-style sauce with a distinctive flavour provided by prosciutto. Serve with your favourite pasta.

    Recipe by: angelic

    4 reviews

    This is a family favourite which is quick to prepare, enjoy!

    Recipe by: janam

    2 reviews

    This is a simple easy way to make cannelloni. I found using the tubular shells they crack very easy when trying to fill them. Fresh lasagna sheets make this recipe very simple.

    Recipe by: tori

    1075 reviews

    A delicious and light pasta with asparagus steamed in chicken stock. Super tasty and low in fat and salt.

    Recipe by: LAUREL B

    151 reviews

    This classic Italian bean and pasta soup (pasta e fagioli) can be made vegan by substituting vegetable stock for chicken.

    Recipe by: Cindy

    25 reviews

    Spaghetti is mixed with sautéed garlic, tomatoes, basil and marjoram in this quick and easy pasta recipe which is ideal for a tasty midweek meal.

    Recipe by: GYPSY-WITCH

    No reviews

    My four boys, husband, friends and other family members just love this dish as it comes out really creamy and yummy.

    Recipe by: bubba76

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