Bread Rolls (24)

Bread rolls create a single serve bread ideal for lunches or as a side to a meal. There are a wide range from beer to honey.

Top Bread Roll Recipes

6 reviews

Nothing smells better then fresh baked bread. Delicious French bread rolls are so easy to make and rewarding when buttered then enjoyed fresh out of the oven.

Recipe by: JOCATLIN

2 reviews

If you are on a gluten free or low carb diet, you can still enjoy cloud bread! It's made with only 3 ingredients: cream cheese, eggs and baking powder. Fresh out of the oven, they are fluffy and light. Storing the cooked buns overnight in a plastic food bag adds some elasticity to them so they become more bread-like. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Cloud Bread Video.

Recipe by: GallifreyStands

33 reviews

Nothing fancy - just delicious, melt in your mouth rolls made from simple ingredients.

Recipe by: Maria Magee

6 reviews

For a deep and hearty flavour these dinner rolls incorporate dark beer, cinnamon and honey. This recipe mixes the dough in the bread machine but bakes them separately.

Recipe by: John T. Jurkiewicz

5 reviews

A chewy German roll that has a firm outer crust. These rolls are made with only the whites of the eggs and are great with soups, stews or just eaten as a snack.

Recipe by: MARBALET

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