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    If you need a recipe for a Bloody Mary, a Martini, a Cosmopolitan or any other vodka-based cocktail you're in the right place.

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    I decided I'd have some limoncello on the rocks, I opened the freezer and saw some lemon sorbet and thought that could be nice substitute for ice. After a few I decided it was time to slow down so I looked in the fridge and saw some sugar free Agrum Citrus Blend. I decided to use at a topper and and also squeezed 1/8th of a lemon in. The colour separation and bubbling along with the taste was amazing.

    Recipe by: zane_f89

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    Orange liqueur, lime and cranberry juice team up with vodka for a sweet-and-sour drink that's almost too refreshing!

    Recipe by: Michelle

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    This drink is refreshing, Asian-inspired, and sure to impress your guests or that someone special!

    Recipe by: Bellakitty

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    Vodka-soaked watermelon mixed with champagne, ginger ale and orange juice. The alcohol can be as cheap or as expensive as you want. As my friend who makes this says, "think Bolly-Stoli, but it's more likely Smirnoff-Carrington!" You can garnish or top with mint leaves too. Hello New Year!

    Recipe by: leon

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    I had this drink at a party. Of course its not really a martini in the classic sense - it's like a vodka martini plus! It's a perfect smooth drink.

    Recipe by: EGRIVNER

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