Mug Cake

    These super easy to make, single serve mug cakes can be created quickly in your microwave. These simple recipes are not to be confused with a cupcake.

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    This is the treat my children love to make themselves after a good term at school or when they have a friend staying. One cake is big enough to share between 2 children if you can convince them of it!!!

    Recipe by: Kairockz

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    A popular 5 minute chocolate mug cake. Prepare and cook within 5 minutes. You're only ever 5 minutes away from chocolate cake.

    Recipe by: jamie_parris

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    This cake is a lot to eat for one person so I like to cut it in half and some times half again.

    Recipe by: blondie2011

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    Great 4 the kids to help with. A little vanilla and chocolate drops make this super yummy.

    Recipe by: izabellalyla

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    A very tasty and quick cake that's made in a mug. It's cooked in the microwave and you probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen already.

    Recipe by: A.ciozda12345

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    This quick and easy microwave mug cake has banana, flour, baking powder, sugar, yoghurt, egg and milk all mixed up in a mug then microwaved until done.

    Recipe by: Kate

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    A mug cake baked in the microwave, then drenched in lemon glaze. Deliciously tangy!

    Recipe by: LorraineMargaret

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    This is an amazing, rich, molten little brownie cake. You can make it with things you have in your cupboard and clean-up is reduced to a minimum.

    Recipe by: AllThingsSweet

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