Condensed Milk Caramel (35)

    Condensed milk is a quick and easy way to make wonderful sweet caramel, it can then be added to recipes like tarts, Pavlovas and caramel slices.

    Top Condensed Milk Caramel Recipes

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    An unusual pavlova dessert with a soft chewy caramel-like centre - topped with lightly whipped vanilla-cream.

    Recipe by: ANGELABANKS

    724 reviews

    This slice consists of a shortbread base, firm caramel centre and a milk chocolate top. They are not at all hard to make.

    Recipe by: Julia

    16 reviews

    Shortbread base, a caramel layer and a dark chocolate topping-the classic Caramel Slice. Make sure you cut this into slices before the chocolate fully sets or the chocolate will crack while you're cutting.

    Recipe by: Kathi

    65 reviews

    This is a delicious caramel-like cream sauce called Dulce de Leche. You can eat it by itself or serve it over fruit or ice cream.

    Recipe by: JUALONSO

    7 reviews

    I like to use Marie or Shredded Wheatmeal biscuits in this easy dessert but just about any sweet plain biscuit works well.

    Recipe by: Sugar Luver

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      Chocolate Caramel Squares
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      Chocolate Caramel Squares
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      Impossible Cake

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