Soy Chicken Wings (23)

    Soy chicken wings are a delightful finger food or a light meal in their own right. Try some of the delicious recipes below.

    Top Soy Chicken Wing Recipes

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    This is a Chinese New Year dish that symbolizes "flying high", i.e. having a successful career. Delicious!

    Recipe by: 烟子

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    This recipe and method of cooking creates the tenderest and flavoursome chicken wings and uses ingredients you probably have in your cupboard.

    Recipe by: Sandy

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    These chicken wings are crispy on the outside and meltingly tender on the inside and are flavoured with layers of Vietnamese spices and soy sauce.

    Recipe by: Nelson Huynh

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    Chicken wings are a perfect snack when watching the footy or also a good dinner with a side of rice and salad. This is a simple marinade.

    Recipe by: vickee

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    A different way to cook chicken wings from baking them in the oven. Inexpensive and very simple to make.

    Recipe by: GAN55

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