Microwave Rice

    Rice is an easy side dish, main or dessert that is made even easier when cooked in the microwave. Microwave rice can include versions of risotto and rice pudding.

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    I'm not a big fan of the microwave but it is useful for some things plus it keeps the heat down in the kitchen. This is good for leftover rice but if you need to cook some just for this - start with about 1/2 cup of raw rice.

    Recipe by: leon

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    When you don't feel like doing all that stirring, try making risotto in the microwave. You be impressed with how good it comes out.

    Recipe by: ANTILOPE

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    Microwave risotto is great because of its forgiving nature. Also, it is a great clean-out-the-fridge, use-your-imagination, payday-is-tomorrow recipe. It reheats well too. You can use margarine or olive oil in place of the butter, and apple juice or white grape juice in place of the wine.

    Recipe by: Drasaid

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    The best recipe for health without compromising taste!

    Recipe by: frida

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    This prawn and rice curry (biryani) is simple to prepare in a microwave and deliciously spicy without too much heat.

    Recipe by: Celestial

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    I discovered this recipe by accident but have been making it ever since for a quick, easy lunch or dinner for one. The tomatoes and spinach soften easily in the microwave and the cheese melts to create a sauce and give the consistency of risotto.

    Recipe by: Ita

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    This is a delicious risotto style dish that is quick and easy to prepare. It's an easy dinner and very economical. Not for the risotto purists!

    Recipe by: AUSSIEBEAR

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    This healthy microwave risotto is so easy you can make it anywhere with little effort and no fancy appliances needed. Great for leftover roast chicken.

    Recipe by: Cass

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    I wanted to create something quick, healthy and easy for my family as a side dish on those hot summer nights. It doesn't take long to cook, so it doesn't heat up my kitchen too much! also great at BBQs and delicious served with fish. This rice dish is also very colorful- great for eating with the eyes.

    Recipe by: 75cook

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    Porridge for breakfast but done in the rice cooker not on the stove/microwave. A basic rolled oats recipe you can build on.

    Recipe by: rachel gillespie

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