Microwave Pudding

    These are tasty puddings that can be cooked quickly and easily in your microwave. Recipes vary including chocolate, vanilla rice pudding and bread pudding.

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    Flavour this simple sponge pudding by adding raspberry jam or golden syrup to the bottom of the microwave-safe bowl.

    Recipe by: BUTTERCUP8

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    This pudding whips up in no time in your microwave...great for a quick dessert. Allow time for the pudding to chill. Stir in some chopped bananas before chilling for a nutrition boost.

    Recipe by: DBON

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    Classic and nostalgic, this pudding recipe is delicious and the microwave makes it super easy to prepare.

    Recipe by: MICHAELWILD

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    Delicately spiced banana pudding that's quick to make and even quicker to eat!

    Recipe by: chimpchef

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    Yummy Little Pudding which is easy to make dosnt take long. You can Replace the Jam for chocolate sauce, golden syrup etc .... Anything you like !

    Recipe by: lilcook

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    A simple bread pudding that is made in the microwave. Extra taste from the cinnamon and vanilla mixed into the custard.

    Recipe by: CHRISW

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    Don't be deceived by the simplicity of this dish - rhubarb and cinnamon are a perfect complement. Made easy in the microwave, serve hot with ice cream.

    Recipe by: CATKID

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    We usually have the non-chocolate version of this. The other night we wanted something a bit different and this was created. It tastes better than it looks - enjoy:-)

    Recipe by: emh9

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    Ginger milk curd is an easy dessert that is popular in China. Ginger juice makes the milk set up to form a pudding.

    Recipe by: 李中意

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    These are perfect small pudding-biscuits; easy to make.

    Recipe by: mehnaaz

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