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    Sponge cake is quick and easy recipe and the foundation for many other great recipes or cake decoration. There are plain, vanilla and chocolate sponge recipes.

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    2 reviews

    A good versatile sponge cake recipe is essential to any baker's repertoire. It can be as simple or fancy as you like. Have a look at ourAllrecipes Sponge Cake video for a step-by-step!

    Recipe by: VAL_51

    94 reviews

    The easiest sponge cake you will ever make - only three ingredients and a few minute preparation time.

    Recipe by: ROSSELVE

    24 reviews

    This recipe uses fine matzo meal to make a light and moist sponge cake that is perfect for Passover or any time. It has egg yolks, potato flour and orange juice.

    Recipe by: JANWEISBERGER

    124 reviews

    Here is the basic sponge cake recipe you've been looking for. This recipe makes a cake that is very light and fluffy and it's no work at all.

    Recipe by: shirleyo

    65 reviews

    A basic sponge cake recipe that uses orange zest and orange juice to add a different note. You can serve it on its own or ice it or make trifle.

    Recipe by: Jackie Lim

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      Lemon Drizzle Cake
    • videoTitle
      Layered Sponge Cake

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