Fruit Mince (29)

    Fruit mince (or mincemeat as it is also known) can be used in pies, tarts and biscuits. It is most frequently associated with Christmas fruit mince pies.

    Top Fruit Mince Recipes

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    Little Christmas pies filled with fruit mince. If you want to make your own fruit mince try this recipe or this one.

    Recipe by: Jonathan

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    Traditional mincemeat for sweet mince pies contains suet but this recipes uses butter which makes it suitable for vegetarians.

    Recipe by: Ita

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    These are about the only thing I go all out for at Christmas. The little pies are full of memories-the recipe is adapted from a family one. I mix it up with the dried fruit a bit - my current mince has dried cranberries in it - but use whatever dried fruits you want. I also cut star shapes out of the pastry for the top of each tart. Make the mince about a month beforehand.

    Recipe by: cassandra

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    Christmas cookies with a difference! These rich biscuits have fruit mince and walnuts in them. perfect for gifts or a Christmas morning tea. Good for when you need a lot of biscuits!

    Recipe by: Glenda J

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    Delicious individual homemade mince pies with a frangipane topping that's made with almond meal and fresh vanilla.

    Recipe by: Ita

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