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    When a roast chicken isn’t big enough try a roast turkey! They are not difficult to cook and there are great recipes with a range of flavours.

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    I have scoured the internet for turkey recipes and found that it just confuses things. Roasting a turkey is so easy, add a bit of stock then brown the skin first to seal in the juices.

    Recipe by: CheekyKiwi

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    Brining the turkey drumsticks for a couple of hours helps keep them moist and delicious as they roast.

    Recipe by: QAEDON

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    A truly festive roast turkey, perfect for Christmas, this recipe has the turkey stuffed with chestnuts and beef and pork mince then basted with citrus.

    Recipe by: Francine32

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    Turkey legs cooked with a savoury stuffing mixture makes this an easy Christmas dinner for two!

    Recipe by: Charles Aiken

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    A friend of mine (who happens to be a great cook) told me to try using butter-soaked muslin cloth over the turkey breast while it cooks. It worked a treat - came out a beautiful colour and very moist indeed.

    Recipe by: Lauren

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    All you need to know to make a great roast turkey for Chrissie! This is a very traditional stuffing based on bread cubes and fresh herbs, not much work at all.

    Recipe by: Robert2

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    A different stuffing for your Christmas turkey that includes bacon, ham, olives, wine and eggs as well as the usual breadcrumbs. Try it for a change!

    Recipe by: Mia

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    Lemon and orange basting sauce add a delicious bright taste to this roast turkey and the chestnut stuffing makes it perfect for the Christmas dinner.

    Recipe by: Francine32

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