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Check out all our great recipes for prawns including garlic prawns, chilli prawns, barbecue prawns, prawns in pasta and prawns in salads just to mention a few!

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Your basic prawns fried in butter with garlic and fresh parsley. I love this over pasta or boiled white rice.

Recipe by: Nyusha

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Prawns simmered in a sweet sauce with garlic, honey, ginger and tomato sauce. A very fast and tasty dish, good with bread or rice.

Recipe by: Olechka_Kavalenko

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Baby prawns sauteed in garlic with a cheese sauce finish, quite delicious by itself but also great as a topping for pizza.

Recipe by: LadyDi

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The best way to prepare prawns is on the barbecue so they are most flavourful and don't dry out. Add more garlic to the marinade if you like.

Recipe by: Olga

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A beautiful light summer meal, fried rice with garlic prawns and green peas. A quick and easy dinner for the whole family.

Recipe by: nt_bella

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This is a delicate Thai style thick soup with coconut milk and prawns, tasty and exotic. I prefer to use large green prawns.

Recipe by: nt_bella

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This is a cold summer soup of red capsicum and baby prawns, ready in a few minutes plus chilling time.

Recipe by: Karin50

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The easy, well-flavoured curry sauce used in this recipe for prawns is also very good for a chicken or fish curry.

Recipe by: Lynn Cole

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Gumbo is a thick and spicy soup from Louisiana that traditional contains seafood and okra. Serve with bread.

Recipe by: Elaine Russell

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Use whatever vegetables you like when you make this curry - carrots, green beans and capsicums are all good. Serve with rice or naan bread.

Recipe by: xxrumaxx

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