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Check out all our great recipes for prawns including garlic prawns, chilli prawns, barbecue prawns, prawns in pasta and prawns in salads just to mention a few!

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Laksa is a delicious coconut curry soup with rice noodles, vegetables and prawns. Adjust the spices to your own taste or let your guests do it.

Recipe by: OotKwisien

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Just like spring rolls but these use bean curd sheets, also known as tofu skin, instead of spring roll wrappers.

Recipe by: 烟子

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This makes two warm open faced sandwiches. A great use for leftover roast chicken, simple and delicious.

Recipe by: Ayda

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The contrast between sweet peas and salty prawns is what makes this risotto so very tasty. If the prawns are too large, cut them in half.

Recipe by: micas

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Prawns simmered in a sweet sauce with garlic, honey, ginger and tomato sauce. A very fast and tasty dish, good with bread or rice.

Recipe by: Olechka_Kavalenko

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If you love Asian food you have to try soy marinated garlic prawns over noodles. I like the marinade full of flavour.

Recipe by: VANES31

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A little lemon zest in the cooking oil adds a beautifully light refreshing touch to this seafood pasta dish with garlic prawns.

Recipe by: Rita

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A very simple recipe for king prawns sauteed in garlic, with the shells left on for best flavour. Good with a fresh baguette for an easy lunch.

Recipe by: Ruppelig

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Fresh prawns are so good they don't need much done to them - just a quick saute with garlic and chilli and voila!

Recipe by: Aldo

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Prawn and mushroom skewers are a classic dish that perfectly complement two flavours. Good as a snack or a main meal served with white rice.

Recipe by: saretta

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