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    Lovely prawns in a garlic and butter sauce baked to perfections. This dish is so simple and easy. Serve over pasta or white rice.

    Recipe by: agonzalez

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    Simple, fast and very tasty, garlic prawns are the way to go whether you are preparing a seafood salad, a side dish or a topping for rice or pasta.

    Recipe by: ElaiWlodek

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    You can't really go wrong here - use small sweet prawns where possible and serve them on lettuce with tomato sauce and Tabasco.

    Recipe by: doudine36

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    Okra, prawns and a variety of sauteed vegetables make up this tasty stew. Serve with rice.

    Recipe by: Tara

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    An easy pasta dish using linguine with a prawn, artichoke, olive and garlic sauce with a bit of chilli for kick.

    Recipe by: J. Rentsch

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    This is a beautifully flavourful way to serve prawns - in warm corn tortillas and spiced with smoked chipotle chillies, coriander, onion and lime.

    Recipe by: rvelasquez

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    This is my husband's favourite recipe. I vary it sometimes by adding portobello mushrooms or cherry tomatoes.

    Recipe by: Grumpy's Honeybunch

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    Ceviche is when the fish is not cooked by heat but rather left to cure in an acid such as lime juice. The time to prepare requires a lot of waiting but it is worth it.

    Recipe by: Stalin

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    This prawn and pineapple skewers recipe has a Caribbean feel from the addition of rum to the marinade. Simple and delicious as a summer appetiser.

    Recipe by: annef

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    Here's a recipe for crispy battered prawns topped with sugar coated walnuts, Hong Kong style. A great dish for a Chinese dinner.

    Recipe by: Celia

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