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The dip where you can eat the bowl, check out our range of cob loaf dip recipes for your next party.

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Not a traditional Fondue but perfect for entertaining and feeding the masses on match day, delicious also as a hot party dip that will have them lining up for more and possibly missing the winning score!

Recipe by: sarar

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I have made this cob loaf a few times and varied it according to what ingredients I have on hand and each time it is perfect! Everyone loves it so much even if I cant come to a BBQ or Dinner they still ask me to make one!

Recipe by: kate1810

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A hot entree type dish that is served with the dip made inside a hollowed out cobb loaf, very very tasty. A great starter at any dinner party.

Recipe by: AUDINARY1

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This makes an awesome treat to take along to any bbq /picnic/ gathering of friends etc. Can be nibbled on for ages. Once the bread dippers run out just start eating the cobb loaf it all was contained in :)

Recipe by: shez

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This is a recipe I adapted from something I found on Pinterest, it makes a white cob loaf type white bread. It was a tasty homemade bread and was fun to make with the kids as something different. (We don't have a bread maker)

Recipe by: BushCook

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This is a great entree or nibblie for bbq's. A creamy cheese dip served hot in the loaf, without any waste of bread.

Recipe by: abellagrace

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I wanted to come up with a cheap, easy and flavourful sundried tomato and fresh basil cobb loaf

Recipe by: SIMONE86

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This is a cob bread loaf hollowed out and filled with tomato, cheese layer and refilled with a mince/gravy/bread filling. This is a true winner for the family that love their bread. It is the crustiest pie you will ever have and will be sure to become a fast and filling favourite.

Recipe by: Polygirl

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hot crab dip served in a bread dipping bowl

Recipe by: Lee666

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