Banana Muffins

    Perfect for the lunch box, a morning tea or anytime snack, try one of these banana muffin recipes including vegan and chocolate chip versions.

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    They are so delicious - you wouldn't believe that something with prunes could be this good! They're also low in fat, with just about 5g per muffin. A great morning or afternoon snack!

    Recipe by: MumAndMe

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    A gluten-free and dairy-free version of a much loved treat. I've halved the amount of sugar from the original recipe and it could be lessened even further as the bananas and sultanas add a natural sweetness.

    Recipe by: Ro13

    334 reviews

    A great banana recipe, I have had it since I was in high school. All my friends love it. Hope you enjoy it!

    Recipe by: Jo Jo

    79 reviews

    A virtually fat-free muffin recipe with no eggs or oil of any kind. If you want them to be sweet add the icing glaze.

    Recipe by: Hypnotic

    63 reviews

    A perfect healthy snack option these tasty muffins are packed with great ingredients like bran, honey, bananas and poppy seeds.

    Recipe by: SWIMMERVI

    193 reviews

    Bananas and walnuts are a long standing recipe combination that never fails to deliver and this is another great example, banana and walnut muffins.

    Recipe by: Mom

    416 reviews

    There is a great combination of fruits this muffin recipe; it uses bananas, fresh or frozen strawberries and apple sauce or puree.

    Recipe by: MIMI28

    1174 reviews

    A healthy and delicious morning treat!

    Recipe by: Karen Resciniti

    89 reviews

    Nothing like a blueberry muffin! These delicious treats have mashed banana for added sweetness and are chock full of wheat bran and wholemeal flour.

    Recipe by: JAYNE04

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    This recipe has been created with the idea of lowering the fat content. These are so delicious - you'll never miss the fat, and chocolate still makes an appearance!

    Recipe by: ANGCHICK

    2 / 7

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