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Porridge is a popular breakfast, when thinking about this recipe most people think of the oat version but there are other versions that use rice as the base instead.

Top Porridge Recipes

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Using quinoa, rolled oats and oat bran for lots of fibre, this flash porridge tastes just like banana nut loaf and it's full of banana, walnuts and brown sugar.

Recipe by: HomesKillet

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Add sugar and milk to this classic porridge as you like. My sister actually eats it all year round but it is best in winter I think.


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Rolled oats, the steamed grain flattened between rollers, has been making good breakfasts for generations. It is best served with dried fruit compote.

Recipe by: Lynn Cole

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This porridge only takes five minutes in the microwave. It has wheatgerm, honey and flaxseed oil to make it even healthier. Serve with fresh fruit.

Recipe by: MSHEPHE1

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This slow cooker breakfast is great to prepare the night before. Steel cut oats, apple, sultanas, butter, cinnamon, brown sugar and vanilla slow cooked all night.

Recipe by: brandysue

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