Chocolate Crackles

Can there be a more beloved childhood treat than chocolate crackles? They're lots of fun to make with your kids, too.

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I am not a big fan of copha, but I do love marshmallows! This is a great recipe that I have been using for a while now, it is quick, easy and copha free.

Recipe by: GourmetGirl

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Simple, quick, chocolate and rice bubbles. Not only are these traditional treats kid heaven but they are also easy for them to make - as long as there's supervision around the hot copha.

Recipe by: COOKERER

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These white chocolate crackles are easy to make, without the use of copha. Ready in 5 minutes! This makes approx 6-7 large choc crackles

Recipe by: Katherine

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These very easy Mars Bar and Rice Bubbles treats are sweet and delicious. Make them a day ahead for best results.

Recipe by: aeber8

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These are like chocolate crackles but with cornflakes and even simpler to make. Great for a children's birthday party because they can help!

Recipe by: straitscook

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This is a great chocolate crackle that does not require copha. You can experiment with various breakfast cereals.

Recipe by: Anonymous

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It doesn't matter how many chocolate crackle recipes I try I always come back to this one that has been used in my family since I was a child.

Recipe by: Pfil

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These are a great Halloween treat, they are easy enough for kids to make with adult supervision. This recipe is quick and easy to prepare.

Recipe by: SpicyChick

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Chocolate crackles are an easy party food recipe that all people love. So why not turn them into mice for Halloween.

Recipe by: SpicyChick

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Cereal, icing sugar and melted chocolate is all that goes into these easy chocolate crackles. A fun treat to make with kids.

Recipe by: Aeroz

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