Caramel Slice (25)

    Try different variations on the classic caramel slice recipe, including chocolate caramel slice, Tim Tam slice, Mars Bar slice and caramel walnut slice.

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    16 reviews

    Shortbread base, a caramel layer and a dark chocolate topping-the classic Caramel Slice. Make sure you cut this into slices before the chocolate fully sets or the chocolate will crack while you're cutting.

    Recipe by: Kathi

    724 reviews

    This slice consists of a shortbread base, firm caramel centre and a milk chocolate top. They are not at all hard to make.

    Recipe by: Julia

    7 reviews

    Biscuit base, yummy caramel in the middle and chocolate on top - what could be better! This caramel slice has coconut in the base.

    Recipe by: AuntyStace

    4 reviews

    Yum....not more I can say about this one!! Makes 2 large catering size slices or 2 very full tarts.

    Recipe by: rayjinbul

    9 reviews

    This recipe is named after Sir Peter Snell because it went so fast!!! It has been passed down through my family and is simply delicious! (Sorry there is no picture, I was meaning to take one but it had all gone before I got there)

    Recipe by: SweetSarah

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      Chocolate Caramel Squares
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      Chocolate Caramel Squares

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