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Vanilla Slice

The thought of vanilla slices brings me back to my school canteen days. Here are a few vanilla slice recipes to recreate that fabulous taste.

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I went to a Christmas party few years ago and I had a piece of vanilla slice. I liked it so much that I've been making it ever since.

Recipe by: Josiemizzi

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These no-cook vanilla slices have a white chocolate topping and taste so good that I guarantee you will really like them! It's easy enough for older children to make, too

Recipe by: YUMMY3

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This is a French style vanilla slice called mille-feuilles. They are delicious and easy to make using frozen puff pastry.

Recipe by: TOO TOO

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Rich golden blonde brownies with chocolate chips. Brown sugar and vanilla give these sinful brownies their rich and delicious flavour. Enjoy warm with ice cream.

Recipe by: Stephanie

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Sometimes called mille-fuille, this vanilla slice has a lovely presentation and light flavour. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Vanilla Slice Video.

Recipe by: kitty81

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Flavoured icing makes all the difference to our good Aussie "snotblock".

Recipe by: shazzieau

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Sao good bye to other desserts. This is so easy. Made with sao biscuits and instant pudding mixes. No baking involved.

Recipe by: shazzieau

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This cake is easy to make and tastes really great. The layers of pastry and custard give it a wonderful rustic look.

Recipe by: ArabianMaiden

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Playing around one day with instant pudding mixes, I came up with this recipe for an easy vanilla slice.

Recipe by: jillperth

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