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    An Indian curry is always accompanied by a range of side dishes - cook your way through all of them.

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    Palak paneer is a creamy Indian curry that combines fresh spinach and ricotta, it goes well with rice, naan as a vegetarian main or side to a larger meal.

    Recipe by: Mairi Noverr

    68 reviews

    Indian roti is an ideal side to any curry dinner. It is an easy to make unleavened bread that is fried making it similar to other breads like pitta or naan.

    Recipe by: MARBALET

    41 reviews

    In India, jeera is the word for cumin. This Indian fried rice is fragrant and delicious and makes a perfect side dish for any curry or Indian main.

    Recipe by: Moomal Abro

    106 reviews

    Called 'aloo jeera,' this is a delicious Indian side dish comprising chunks of warm potato tossed with cumin, turmeric and curry powder.

    Recipe by: DRAGONSBANE

    120 reviews

    Fresh okra is delicious when simmered with tomatoes in this Creole-inspired vegan side dish. Use more cayenne if you like it spicy.


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      How to Make Fresh Paneer Cheese

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