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Traditionally wedding cakes were always fruit cakes but now fruit cakes have been joined by a range of recipes such as mud cake, chocolate cake and cupcake.

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These gorgeous little red chocolate cupcakes are perfect for weddings, parties, anything! Use your favourite buttercream or cream cheese icing to complete.

Recipe by: pinkspoonula

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This cake would be great for either a wedding cake or a birthday as it has the same texture as a mud cake and it is to die for...

Recipe by: abbze4

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These Russian tea cakes are also known as Mexican wedding cakes, butterballs and finally snowball cookies because of the icing sugar dusting they have. Whatever you call them they are a tasty treat to eat.

Recipe by: THEAUNT708

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It looks really difficult but it is actually amazingly easy - it's just the ingredients list that looks daunting. Also makes an unforgettable wedding or christening cake. Allow 24hours for the fruit to soak, and 5 days for the cake to be ready to be iced.

Recipe by: SUEB34

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Buttercream icing, perfect for cupcakes through to wedding cakes. Try piping on the top or spread with a flat-edged knife across the cake top and sides.

Recipe by: Jeannine

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A tasty butter cake that is so simple and delicious. This easy cake is so versatile, you can make cupcakes, tiered wedding cakes, even shaped birthday cakes.

Recipe by: MARBALET

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If you've ever eaten wedding cake you'll recognise this soft sponge base. The quantities given here are for a larger than normal cake.

Recipe by: Larisa Townsend

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This is a recipe for a pure white icing, ideal for wedding cakes. Add milk according to purpose; you need less if you are making flowers or borders than if you are just covering a cake. Remove what you need for decorating before you thin the rest down for icing.

Recipe by: Jean Higginbotham

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This is a rich and dense cake that includes coconut and cream cheese, it is perfect for heavy duty cake decorating like weddings and birthdays.

Recipe by: 19CONNIE61

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You won't believe how good these tiny cheesecakes are. Perfect for weddings and parties! Use any kind of pie filling you prefer.

Recipe by: Janice Reesman

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