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    Budget friendly mince can be dressed up in a (seemingly) endless variety of ways. See how much you can do with mince - meatloaf, pasta bakes, enchiladas, pies, sausage, kofta, larb, and more.

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    16 reviews

    This a great hearty recipe to warm you up in winter. You can change the recipe to suit your tastes; use your favourite pasta sauce if you don't have any homemade and use your own meatball recipe.

    Recipe by: Kristin

    No reviews

    Homemade bratwurst are easy to make and so much tastier than store bought! Learn how with our Allrecipes Bratwurst Video.

    Recipe by: Brandon

    25 reviews

    The classic cheap and easy dinner, meatloaf is satisfying and full of flavour. Also it doesn't take at all long to prepare.

    Recipe by: SweetTooth

    17 reviews

    I have made up this great crockpot recipe that can be made in bulk to make portions to freeze. We use as a one-pot meal; to put into tacos; in wraps; on pizza; on toast. Its so versatile, so easy, so cheap, so healthy ! You can easily vary what is added.

    Recipe by: jaro

    20 reviews

    Bite size meatballs to be served with your choice of dipping sauce whether it be BBQ, tomato, sweet chilli or soy sauce. Beef, pork or chicken mince may be used.

    Recipe by: Linda

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      How to make Bratwurst

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