Cheese Fondue

Probably the most famous of party foods, cheese fondue originated in Switzerland but has become popular around the world with a range of recipes available.

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A delicious white bread ring that is filled with grated gruyere and emmental cheeses. One loaf is enough to feed many, making this a great winter potluck idea.

Recipe by: Lisa Russell

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Not a traditional Fondue but perfect for entertaining and feeding the masses on match day, delicious also as a hot party dip that will have them lining up for more and possibly missing the winning score!

Recipe by: sarar

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People always seem to love fondue at a party and it's not at all hard to do, although it helps if you have a fondue pot with a heater for serving.

Recipe by: CHICOMOM

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Serve this fondue with bread or vegetables, fruit like figs or green apples and cooked meat or salami. Add chives or herbs to the sauce as well.

Recipe by: Sheila

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Warm up the party with a classic Swiss fondue! Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Fondue Video.

Recipe by: LenaM

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Fondue is a nice thing to do with a group of friends over a winter dinner party. You can make it with all sorts of cheese but I think Gruyère is the best.

Recipe by: KarlHeinz

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Cheese fondue has been going in and out of fashion for years. I am specific about the types of cheeses used as I think these get the best results, you can experiment for what you like best.

Recipe by: Nora

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You can easily scale the ingredients for this delicious party recipe - just keep to the ratio of 200g cheese to 100ml wine.

Recipe by: Lilo

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This is a perfect recipe for a quick cheesy fondue for entertaining, or just something fun and different for your family. I make this with my Magic Bullet blender, but it can be done with any blender or stick blender.

Recipe by: MissEerie_Chef

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This is a traditional cheese fondue using wine and three cheeses. By cutting the bread two hours before it gives it time to firm up and is easier to dip.

Recipe by: michel

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