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    Easy scone recipes so you can whip up a batch today. Try lemonade scones, pumpkin scones, cream scones, date scones or cheese scones.

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    These basic scones have only butter, flour, sugar, salt and milk. Baked until golden, they are best served with butter and jam. Top with anything you're keen on.

    Recipe by: calmyourbeans

    No reviews

    This is a great recipe when you are starting to learn to bake in a Dutch Oven. The recipe is simple and you can focus on controlling the heat while camping.

    Recipe by: BushCook

    27 reviews

    This is one of my mum's scone recipes. Its easily made with items from the cupboard and they are very light and fluffy and delicious with your favorite jam and a dollop of cream.

    Recipe by: PetiteMiam

    32 reviews

    These scones are easy to make and sweetened with chopped dates. Lovely as a snack or for afternoon company.

    Recipe by: MELIS1

    22 reviews

    This recipe was given to my by my MIL's best friend, who was about 90 at the time. I took my little MIL over to visit her old friend and she served these scones up, I was so impressed with how light and fluffy these were I asked for the recipe and in her infinite kindness she passed it on to me.

    Recipe by: nignig

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