White Sauce

    White sauce makes a great base for cheese sauces or parsley sauces and macaroni cheese. It's also a key component of many French and Italian dishes.

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    I've tried a lot of white sauce recipes, but I never could make smooth white sauce. But this recipe is awesome! Even I can make this well.

    Recipe by: SPANKY

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    Nice easy and cheesy white sauce made in the microwave!

    Recipe by: kschonhardt

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    Classic white sauce or bechamel has a variety of uses, from fish and vegetable dishes, to macaroni and cheese. Very versatile.

    Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

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    Here's a decadent lasagne recipe the whole family will love. Try adding some extra chopped vegetables in with the spinach to get the kids to have that extra serving.

    Recipe by: Lisa Humpf

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    This is a pizza recipe with white sauce and chicken makes a nice change from the ordinary cheese and pepperoni pizza.

    Recipe by: RRADAMS

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    This recipe simmers chicken breast in pasta sauce, cream, sherry, shallots and garlic and serves it all over hot, cooked rigatoni pasta.

    Recipe by: LOVES TO COOK

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    This creamy mustard sauce made with creme fraiche and chicken stock is ideal with most meats but especially good with sausages.

    Recipe by: Stella

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    This is a quick and easy weeknight dinner we make using tinned clams but it also works well with crab.

    Recipe by: ANGCHICK

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    This is the vegan version of bechamel sauce, with soya milk instead of cow milk and oil replacing butter. Lighter and as tasty as the original, perfect for your lasagne, gratin or soufflé.

    Recipe by: Karene

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    This is a great lump-free white sauce base to which you can add anything - garlic, chilli, cheese, parsley, etc.

    Recipe by: PONKIN

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