Rice Cooker Recipes

    There is more that you can make in your rice cooker than just steamed rice, why not try some of these recipes?

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    Global Cuisine

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    Chinese families serve this festive looking pudding on special occasions like Chinese New Year and birthdays. It tastes just as good as it looks.

    Recipe by: 香香嘴

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    Great all-rounder.Add chilli powder if you like it hotter. Made the day before will enhance the flavours even more. Can be placed into slow cooker for serving as and when your guests are ready to eat. If you have a rice cooker place it next to slow cooker, when ready to serve people can help them selves.. Serve on a bed of rice, or with corn chips, topped with a little grated cheese and sour cream light, with side plate of toasted pita bread or a french stick thinly sliced on the side.

    Recipe by: jackie

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    Coconut rice that goes well with any Asian dish cooked in your rice cooker. So simple, cheap and easy yet a slight twist on plain rice.

    Recipe by: Cass

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    Broccoli, rice and parmesan cheese mixed then moulded into domes using a teacup (or similar) for a special looking side dish or lunch.

    Recipe by: Linda

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    This is a delicious Singaporean chicken rice which uses Chinese sausages, which you can buy at Asian markets.

    Recipe by: Dell

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    A lovely Mexican tomato rice with a dash of tequila. Use it to fill tacos and burritos or as a side dish at a Mexican meal.

    Recipe by: Robert2

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    In Malaysia this rice cake or compressed rice is known as 'Nasi Impit'. I like to use it to dip into sauces like satay sauce.

    Recipe by: Suhara

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    Porridge for breakfast but done in the rice cooker not on the stove/microwave. A basic rolled oats recipe you can build on.

    Recipe by: rachel gillespie

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    Cantonese-style preserved sausage cooked with glutinous rice has a special flavour. This tasty rice-dish is not greasy and can be enjoyed year round. Allow two hours to soak the rice. This recipe uses a rice cooker but you could also steam the rice.

    Recipe by: Xiangxiangzui

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    This is a simple yellow rice that is coloured by turmeric, it is flavoured with lemongrass, bay leafs and lime leafs.

    Recipe by: Pat

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